A long-term test is generally a fairly straightforward thing. Get a car, keep you all up to date every month for the duration, do some interesting things with it. Away you go. 

This time, we tweaked the idea a little. Rather than going straight to the car my family and I would use for the next six months, we had a quick refresher on Peugeot's smaller 2008. A wiry little 1.2-litre thing, it's a fun car but comes from a time before Peugeot announced the new-generation 3008 and took a new design direction. There were a couple of clues to Peugeot's future in the 2008, though.

I quite like the plucky 2008. The twin-clutch transmission makes the most of the 1.2-litre turbo's limited output, if not with great finesse. It has a funky interior with few letdowns, a fizzy chassis and even a couple of SUV diversions like Grip Control, even though it was only front-wheel drive.

The 2008 is based on the ageing 208 platform, though, and feels it. It's likeable but it's not surprising it hasn't made a huge impression.