PEUGEOT 208 GTi Édition Définitive by PEUGEOT Sport

PEUGEOT 208 GTi Edition Definitive by PEUGEOT Sport


The uniquely badged 208 GTi Édition Définitive by PEUGEOT Sport offers exceptional performance and exterior styling, intense driving sensations and a sporty ride, and marks the end of production of the current 208 GTi, limited to only 20 models.


The 208 GTi Édition Définitive by PEUGEOT Sport features a raft of performance upgrades over the standard 208 GTi.

A bespoke exhaust and engine recalibration was applied to the 1.6-litre, turbo- petrol, four-cylinder engine, increasing responsiveness and driveability across the rev range and delivering a 0-100km/h sprint time of 6.5 seconds, an improvement of 0.3 seconds over the normal 208 GTi. To enable drivers to fully exploit the extra performance, a six-speed manual transmission drives the front wheels through the same Torsen limited-slip differential used to such great effect on the 308 GTi 270.

This exceptional performance is matched by an equally impressive braking system: the brake discs are 323 mm in diameter and 28 mm thick and come fitted with Brembo fixed four-piston calipers - a PEUGEOT Sport signature feature - all with a view to ensuring optimum braking stability.

The ESP and anti-skid features have been recalibrated to make them less intrusive while driving and to make more traction available. Grip is optimised thanks to a lowered centre of gravity, revised suspension geometry and Michelin Pilot Super Sport 205/40 ZR 18 tyres, ensuring exceptional road-holding - a major plus point when tackling bends.

Whatever the driving situation, the 208 GTi Édition Définitive by PEUGEOT Sport helps you keep cornering tight and accurate while letting you enjoy all the sensations the road ahead has to offer.


The 208 GTi Édition Définitive by PEUGEOT Sport boasts an exclusive exterior design to match its performance, building on the strong visual identity of the regular 208 GTi.

Gone is the regular GTi’s bright chrome finish, replaced by matte black on the 208 GTi Édition Définitive. That same matte black treatment is applied to the grille surround, the Cornering Assist fog lamp bezels and door mirror shells.

From the side, the lowered stance is accentuated by matte black treatments on both the side skirts and the wheel arch extensions used to covering the 18-inch, matte black wheel rims.
The window trim strips on the rear quarter panels finish-off the package with a signature paying homage to the vehicles builders, PEUGEOT Sport.

At the rear, twin circular chrome tail pipes give a sporty look and sound to the car while complementing its sharp, contrasting Pearl White and Matte Black exterior finish.



The interior of the 208 GTi Édition Définitive by PEUGEOT Sport perfectly matches its exterior design and dynamic personality, further enhancing its sporty nature which is more radical than ever before.

Black and red are the key colours, with particular attention paid to each detail: sports bucket front seats with red stitching, a shiny black instrument panel, decorative features in gloss black, door panels and safety belts in black with red borders and PEUGEOT Sport embroidered floor mats in red, all working together in harmonious elegance.

The head-up instrument panel of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is directly in your line of vision, allowing you to read key vehicle information instantly without taking your eyes off the road, putting you in the ideal position for an intuitive driving experience, especially when combined with the responsive compact steering wheel.


PEUGEOT 208 GTi Edition Definitive by PEUGEOT Sport Active City Brake

Autonomous Emergency Braking technology, known as Active City Brake, is also offered for the first time on a GTi model in Australia. Operating at speeds up to 30km/h, this safety system can avoid an accident or reduce its severity if the driver fails to react.

Active City Brake works through a LIDAR-based radar unit mounted on the windscreen ahead of the rear-vision mirror, giving drivers full forward visibility. It detects mobile or fixed objects and then acts on the braking system, providing 10m/s maximum deceleration.

Below 15km/h, Active City Brake allows collisions to be avoided and between 15 and 30km/h it reduces the speed and severity of any impact, reducing overall damage.