PEUGEOT Creative Collaborators

PEUGEOT creative collaborators are handpicked to live the good life. To travel, explore, create and live the PEUGEOT experience. As ambassadors for our brand, they embody our philosophy of creating and doing the things that make us feel great. From the freedom of a road trip, to a drive to visit old friends - it’s different for everyone. But for our creative collaborators it’s about sharing and living the core PEUGEOT characteristics – style, quality and European ingenuity.

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Nick Lawrence is a commercial photographer with a background in publishing and writing. During the past five years, his focus has been developing as a portrait photographer by searching out the faces (and places) presented in his first solo photographic exhibition WHITE LINE FEVER – where portraits of truck drivers faced off with empty Australian roads as landscapes. His work is deeply rooted in both the country he has grown up in, his interest in regular Australian folk and the stories one can tell through portrait photography.
Instagram: @nawtakephoto


Micaela is a Swedish photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She's passionate about light and constantly searches for the beauty in everything and everyone. She explores all genres of photography, working with fashion labels, car brands, interior designers and portraits. When Micaela isn’t behind the camera she works on her music under the moniker Mila Nile, releasing her debut single Change in 2018.
'Whether I’m scouting locations, getting all my gear to set, exploring the city or escaping from it, my PEUGEOT opens a world of possibilities for me.'
Instagram: @micaela.mandorff
Facebook: @MandorffPhotography
Music: Mila Nile


Born and raised in Manchester, England and now residing in Sydney, Australia. My introduction to photography was through my passion for aggressive inline skating. A hobby I picked up one xmas in the mid 90's and became a passion that led me to travel the world documenting the World’s top pros for multiple international publications for over a decade.

This travelling / on the road lifestyle is what excites me about automotive photography. It allows me to combine alot of what I enjoy in life. A good landscape, a fine road, a beautiful car and the freedom to go and create what you want.

Instagram: @AdamKola
Facebook: @adamkolaphotography