Peugeot Universe – Relive the history of Peugeot
Peugeot Universe – Relive the history of Peugeot


PEUGEOT have always sought to fulfill the demands of the professional marketplace.
Our vans are internationally-renowned for their style, reliability and durability.


PEUGEOT Type 13 launched


PEUGEOT’s Type 13, built as a delivery van, offered a payload capacity of 500 kg and was one of a long series of utility vehicles from the brand.


Light UVs inspired by passenger vehicles


The compact PEUGEOT 163 unveils several model types, from the 'Normandy cart' to various small vans.


Tarpaulin-covered trucks


Tarpaulin-covered trucks became common for the 02, 03 and 04 models.

They were highly-desirable in rural areas and in African countries in particular.


The first front-wheel drive panel vans


The early 1950's saw the first front-wheel drive panel van from PEUGEOT, the D3A - a version that continued as the D4, then as the J7 (1965) and as the J9 (1980).


PSA and Fiat partnership


PSA and Fiat joined forces to produce vans and J5 variations, replaced in 1994 by the PEUGEOT Boxer van, which is still in production today.


Launch of the Partner


The compact PEUGEOT Partner van was launched, followed by the smaller PEUGEOT Bipper in 2007, both of which had passenger versions produced too - the now-discontinued Bipper Tepee, and the Partner Tepee, which is still in production today.


Launch of the New Expert

With its distinct design, the new PEUGEOT Expert van openly displays its robustness and modernity.

And to satisfy customers' business needs even more, the new Expert comes in several versions: van, platform cab, extended cab and Combi with up to 9 seats.