Peugeot Universe – Relive the history of Peugeot
Peugeot Universe – Relive the history of Peugeot


Since the iconic PEUGEOT Lion first appeared, it has constantly evolved and
has perpetually highlighted the passionate, feline character of the PEUGEOT brand.


Signature-stamp created


The grilles of Lion PEUGEOT brand cars are crowned with the Lion walking on its arrow.

Over the next few years, bikes and tools use variations of the same theme.


The Lion phenomenon thrives


PEUGEOT owners also adorned their radiator caps with a Lion, designed by the sculptor Baudichon.


The Lion reigns on grilles


Every PEUGEOT car featured a Lion’s head emblazoned on its grille from 1933.

In 1935, its design changes with the addition of the “Sochaux rocket” strapline.


The 203 adopts the Lion from the Franche-Comté coat of arms


A Lioness’ head embellished the bonnet of the PEUGEOT 203, which also featured a new insignia with the Franche-Comté coat of arms’ Lion.


The Franche-Comté coat of arms’ Lion added to the 403


The Franche-Comté coat of arms’ Lion is added to the PEUGEOT 403.

For safety reasons, lions’ heads are later withdrawn from the bonnets of both the 203 and 204 in September 1958.


The Lion changes its style


The PEUGEOT 404 inaugurated a new Lion with a flowing mane, crowned with PEUGEOT lettering and set in the centre of the grille.


The Lion breaks new ground


On the PEUGEOT 504, the lion adopted an ever-so sleek style, a flat shape and is finished in either gold-plate or chrome-plate.


The “Lion outline”


The heraldic PEUGEOT Lion is showcased with angular features, hollowed in the centre and is known as the “Lion outline”.


The Lion becomes larger


The PEUGEOT Lion was modernised with the new logo showing greater depth through its new chrome finish.


The Lion adopts a new posture


The more dynamic, intensely-fluid PEUGEOT Lion is created with a bi-metallic effect through its contrasting matt and chrome finishing.