Important things to know about maintaining your PEUGEOT to peak condition.



All new PEUGEOT vehicles come with Capped Price Servicing, which means you will always know the maximum amount you will pay for your first five scheduled services.

We want to make sure there’s no surprises, so make sure you check out the price of each of your services using our Capped Price Servicing calculator (link below).

Some important things to know:

Even if you don’t drive your car much, it’s important to make sure you still service your car every 12 months. Oils, seals and other items can age with time and need replacement regularly still.

PEUGEOT engines are highly advanced and efficient engines, and as such need high quality engine oil used to get the best performance and endurance.

Once in a while, the factory releases software, or other upgrades for the engines which can improve performance and endurance so it’s wise to service with an Authorised PEUGEOT Dealer who can check if your car is eligible for any of these upgrades.

Only PEUGEOT dealerships have factory trained Technicians and access to diagnostic equipment, so if there is any problem, they will get the diagnosis done quicker, ultimately saving you money on costly diagnosis fees from other repairers.



There are a few types of warranty:

PEUGEOT Factory warranty
3 years or 100,000km whichever comes first. Your new PEUGEOT comes with this warranty.

PEUGEOT Assured/Allianz extended warranty
these are available in varying terms of up to 2 years beyond the PEUGEOT factory warranty. The terms and conditions of this warranty mirror your PEUGEOT factory warranty.

Dealership warranty
this is provided by the specific dealership you purchased your car from. This warranty is not honoured by PEUGEOT Australia and may have specific conditions so make sure you ask your dealership to explain any exclusions to you fully.

Some vehicles sold under a promotion may have an extended warranty up to 5 years, make sure you know which your vehicle came with and if unsure, contact the dealership who sold you the car.

If you have to make a claim for anything under either of these warranties, the first thing to do is speak with your local dealer. They are the ones who will inspect, diagnose and repair your vehicle, no matter how minor the issue is.

Some important points to know:

  • You don’t have to service at a PEUGEOT dealership to keep your warranty valid (except a dealership warranty), however you do need to ensure you service as per your schedule to ensure there are no issues if you need to make a warranty claim.
  • Make sure you keep your servicing up to date, if you don’t drive much, it’s important to book in for a service every 12 months to ensure there’s no issues with any warranty claim.
  • If you choose not to service at a PEUGEOT authorised repairer and have a warranty issue, make sure you let a dealer know straight away. It’s not possible to reimburse you for a warranty repair you’ve already paid for if it is performed outside of the dealer network.
  • Make sure you know your ‘Warranty Start Date’. This is the date the warranty commenced, and may not be the date you bought your car, especially if you purchased a demonstrator car. If you have any doubt, contact your dealership or PEUGEOT Australia.



PEUGEOT Assist is here for you 24/7 should things unexpectedly happen when out on the road.  All new PEUGEOT’s come with 3 year PEUGEOT Assist roadside assistance free of charge.  

As many times as you need us, all around Australia, we will come to the rescue if with a number of benefits as part of our Roadside Assistance program.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited call outs
  • 24 hour Assistance
  • Unlimited Towing of your car to the nearest PEUGEOT dealership*
  • Emergency Fuel
  • Taxi up to $50 to keep you moving
  • Emergency Travel Benefits such as
  • And more!

If you need assistance contact 1800 643 998 24/7.



Don’t get short-changed on quality.

If you have an accident, your insurer will choose the repairer, and quality of repair won’t necessarily be a priority for them. But it’s your car so it should be your choice. Make sure you demand the best – demand a PEUGEOT Preferred Panel Repairer to restore your car to its former glory.

Before being appointed repairers were subjected to a rigorous selection process which included inspection of premises and equipment as well as reputation in the industry and customer satisfaction. Only those that met or exceeded PEUGEOT's standards were appointed as a PEUGEOT Preferred Panel Repairer.

They have ready access to PEUGEOT technical information and use PEUGEOT approved repair methods. Fitting only PEUGEOT Genuine Parts is a key part in restoring accident damaged vehicles with original integrity. Nobody is better placed to make your PEUGEOT as good as new.

To find out more about a Preferred Panel Repairer, contact your local PEUGEOT dealer.